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Shiela from Philippines
· website · It's magnificent...

Shifaa from Saudi Arabia
email · website · It's pretty, it helps me think when I gaze at it.

Shizuki from Canada
email · website · I love to watch the sky from near the beach! And I love the sky because it`s so wide and nice and pretty xD

Silhouette from United States
email · website · The sky speaks to me and comforts me. I can always look up at it when I`m feeling stressed or troubled and feel instantly calm.

Silver-dragon Kathy from Germany
email · website ·

Simo from Italy
email · website ·

Siobhan from Canada
· website · I just love the thought that it's just... everything seems so free in the sky. And clouds are beautiful, and we get to gaze into space, and space itself is wonderful.

Sofia from Argentina
· website ·

Solaria from Canada
· website ·

Soleneh from France
· website ·

Sonia Rose from United States
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Sophie from San Marino
· website ·

Sora from United States
email · website · The endless calmness.

Sora from Argentina
email · website · The purity, sublimity and beauty it has.

Souji 'Sama' from Philippines
· website · It is serenity. It is loftiness. It is vast eternit dwarfing man, and unconcerned with the puny details of man. It is an evidence of the handwork of a Creator.

Steffi from United States
email · website · I don`t watch the sky from any one given location. I love the sky because it`s so big and never-ending and it has the most beautiful colors at different times of day.

Stephanie from United States
· website · Its vastness that bears testimony to its Creator.

Stera from Chile
email · website ·

Strife from United States
· website ·

Suika from Germany
email · website · I love the blue summer-sky. The sky is for me the same like freedom. So I love it. :)

Suvi from Finland
email · website ·

Suz from Hungary
email · website · From my window. :) I love it because of the clouds, the sun, at night because of the stars. It`s beautiful. :)

Sveta from Russia
· website · I love the stars, rain, light.

Sydney from United States
email · website · It's free.

Tânia from Portugal
· website · The Blue.

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