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Tabby from England
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Teal from United States
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Tef from Mexico
email · website · Everything, and what it means

Terri from Australia
email · website · I love the sky because it is from which we come from and to which we return.

Tess from United States
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Tessa from Singapore
email · website · It's just beautiful. Ultimate freedom. Flight is a common dream of mankind, and I can say myself that it's my greatest fantasy.

Testguy from United States
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Thine from Brazil
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Tifa from United States
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Tiffany from United States
email · website · It's endless.

Tina from Germany
· website · It shows magnificent colours (especially in the evening) and never ceases to amaze me!

Tinnie from Argentina
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Tisheena Manzana from Argentina
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Titel from France
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Todd from United States
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Totehi from Finland
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Tracy from United States
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Trialia from England
email · website · I love to watch the sky from anywhere. Even walking home on a cold winter`s night, I just stop and look up to watch the clouds roiling -- blue slate on grey, with the moon showing here and there through the gaps.

Valery from Italy
email · website ·

ValyChan from Italy
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Varjotar from Finland
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Virginia from United States
· website · It's so peaceful to look at. It calms me when I'm upset at things.

Vivi from Chile
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Wendy from Netherlands
· website · Because it is a part of me. My dreams are in them and I spend a great time of my life looking up - more people should take the time to look up and see the beauty that is the sky.

Whitney from United States
email · website · Because it's pretty and vast and unpredictable!

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