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Owen from Netherlands Antilles
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Paige from United States
email · website · I love to watch the sky from the beach!

Paola from United States
email · website · It soothes me and reminds me that tomorrow is another day.

Peach from Finland
email · website · I love sky of Finland and sky of Switzerland. Same sky but I can see the difference...

Pearl from Philippines
email · website · Because it`s cool to look at and it lets me imagine of heaven.

Peter from England
email · website · It`s amazing.

Phoebes from Italy
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Piikki from Finland
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Precious from Philippines
email · website · Everything. It's openness. Just lying on the grass looking up at it and wishing I could fly. :D

Rachael from United States
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Rachael from England
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Rachael from England
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Rachel from United States
email · website · I love to walk in my backyard and just walk to admire the sky. The sky is so beautiful filled with mysteries of stars and moon/sun light.

Rachel from England
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Rain from Germany
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Raine from England
email · website · I dream to watch the sky from a sandy, free beach, sunlight kissing the sand, waves crashing. I love the sky for so many reasons, but mainly because it takes me away to a place I`d rather be, and turns me speechless.

Raissa Leto from Brazil
email · website · Portuguese: Eu amo o ceu por que nele eu sinto uma pureza muito grande e tambem por que eu fico imaginando como seria voar entre suas nuvens e imagino se ele tem um fim pois para mim o ceu eh infinito.

Raverine from Philippines
email · website · It's symbolic and infinite.

Rebecca from United States
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Rella from United States
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Rem from United States
email · website · I love to watch the sky from my window... the sky is me... it can be calm, tempermental, melancholy, and joyful...

Renata from Brazil
email · website · Its calmness.

Renatita from Brazil
email · website · I love to watch the sky from the other house I was living in, where I could lay down on the roof, without any danger of hurting myself... now, just through the windows or even in the street.

Rini from Malaysia
· website · I love the sky because of the way it represents freedom and infinity, and is an eternal source of inspiration. It`s simply one of the most wonderful creations of nature.

Rita from Hungary
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