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Adrienne from Canada
email · website · It's beautiful.

Aelyria from Canada
· website ·

Alanna from Canada
email · website · So many of my favourite things of nature are in the sky! Sunshine, auroras, stars, rainbows...

Amy from Canada
· website · I love the colours, and the sense of surrealism everytime I look to the skies.

Catherine from Canada
· website · I love the colours when the sun is setting.

Catherine from Canada
· website · it's one of the most beauitful 'images' one see' in their life time.

Cecilia from Canada
email · website · I love the infinite vastness of the sky, its ever-changing appearance, and its ever-lasting inspiring beauty..

Chevy from Canada
email · website · From anywhere really, and I love the sky because It's the same everywhere and it's the only thing that connects the world.

Chrizta from Canada
email · website ·

Doro from Canada
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Heize from Canada
· website · I like to look at the sky anywhere... from my window, at the park, while walking around at school... it`s so pretty, and it makes me feel kind of... happy and free. (As corny as that may sound.)

Inggrid from Canada
· website · The sky is a constant source of intrigue, wonder and beauty for me. Spotting just one tiny patch of gorgeous sky makes me that much more appreciative of the Earth we trot on.

Iris from Canada
email · website · I watch the sky from tall buildings. It`s beautiful.

Isa from Canada
· website ·

Jaga from Canada
· website · I love the sky cause it`s beautiful and the person I love so much loves the sky too.

Julie from Canada
email · website · "Stars" says it all.

Kaiten from Canada
email · website · I love to watch the sky through tree branches, I love the sky because it`s so open and blue.

Kawenny from Canada
· website · The colour of the sky is serene.

Kels from Canada
email · website · I love to look at the sky while lying in an open field, and just stare at the simple beauty. I love it because it is so beautiful, and because it inspires me to dream.

Krissy from Canada
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Krissy from Canada
· website · I love the openness.

Maggie from Canada
email · website · Love it because of the beautiful colours it creates.

Mandi from Canada
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Marie from Canada
email · website · Just like to lie down in summer and watch the sky. It`s so big and colorful.. How can someone not like it? :)

Medari from Canada
email · website · The stars, birds and clouds. Everything`s so relaxing in the sky and that`s where Heaven is =D

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