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Biscojae from Singapore
· website · simply because it is beautiful. The thoughts that someone out there might be watching the sky as I do ...

Cherlxy from Singapore
· website · It`s pretty.

Czarina from Singapore
· website · Sometimes it's just so amazing. It helps me relax.

Edna from Singapore
email · website · Because it makes me feel tranquil.

Jiayi from Singapore
email · website · The clouds and the blue (:

Karmen from Singapore
email · website · I have lived in a city area where it`s hard to see a clear blue sky, but upon visiting Japan and staying over at my aunt`s house, looking up at the sky has been an exhilarating experience for me. Since then, I have a great love for the beautiful sky.

Mary-Ann from Singapore
email · website · I love that I can always look up and see it. I love that I know that it's always there..

Sandra from Singapore
email · website · I like watching the sky from my bedroom :) I love the sky because God created it and made it so wonderful :D

Tessa from Singapore
email · website · It's just beautiful. Ultimate freedom. Flight is a common dream of mankind, and I can say myself that it's my greatest fantasy.

Yinx from Singapore
email · website · I look out of the window now and then when I'm at the computer, and that's how I came to love the sky. Every time I looked it would have changed and I wish I could capture every different scene with a camera.

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