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Adel from United States
· website · I love the sky because of it's seemingly infinite expanse, and it's awesome when the stars are out on a clear night.

Adeline from Belgium
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Adrienne from Canada
email · website · It's beautiful.

Aelyria from Canada
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Agnes-Madlen from Poland
email · website · I adore to observe the clouds - how change, called, formed.

Ainna from Philippines
email · website · For the heavens command Freedom nothing on this earth can equal.

Aislinn from United States
email · website · It is one of the most beautiful things on this earth.

Alanna from Canada
email · website · So many of my favourite things of nature are in the sky! Sunshine, auroras, stars, rainbows...

Alessia from Italy
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Alexandra from Hungary
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Alexandra from Poland
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Alexandria from Switzerland
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Alhena from Chile
· website · I dunno... is just so... big, always changing, unique... endless... it's the best thing to watch, definitely

Alice from France
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Alice from United States
· website · Clouds and colors.

Alice from Germany
email · website · Because it`s beautiful :)

Alicia from United States
email · website · Clouds, stars, the moon and the deep colors of blue.

Alis from Italy
email · website · I love the sky! It is so wonderful... it is magic!

Allison from United States
email · website · I love the stars, a nice sunset or sunrise, and the white clouds in the sky.

Allison from United States
email · website · The stars, the clouds, and the blueness

Ally from United States
· website · Because no matter what happens in our life, what changes in our life, and where we go, the sky will always be there to assure us magic still exists in the world. And it is always beautiful - day or night, calm or stormy weather. It is perfect.

Aloo from Mexico
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Aly from United States
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Amancham from Germany
· website · It just makes me feel free!

Amanda from Netherlands
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