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Len from Italy
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Lika from Brazil
· website · The sky is always beautiful...

Lili from France
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Lilian from Brazil
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Lilly from United States
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Lily Rae from France
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Lin from Germany
email · website · I love the sky because it shows you many of the most fascinating wonders in the world...

Linda from Netherlands
email · website · Usually I just gaze at the sky when sitting at my desk, in front of the window. The sky is beautiful, with ever changing colours and clouds...

Lindsay ^_^ from United States
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Lis from United States
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Lis from Brazil
· website · Because is the creation more beautiful in life

Lisa from Germany
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Liv from United States
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Lucien from Italy
· website · It can comfort you with his beauty or scare you with its power, but it's always there, everchanging; it will always be there.

Lucky_Me_Noodle from United States
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Luke from England
email · website · I like looking out of my window on the hill looking at the city sky!

Lune from France
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Lyss from United States
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Mace from Croatia
· website · Because there's nothing more beautiful to look at :)

Madda from Italy
email · website · Beacuse it is so beautiful.

Maggie from Canada
email · website · Love it because of the beautiful colours it creates.

Mai Midgard from Brazil
email · website · I love to look at the sky out of the window of my house, close to the sea; the sky passes me a feeling of largeness of the world, how much the nature can be fantastic and in them to transmit feelings of other people, of who we are.

Maija from Finland
· website · It`s so far away but still so close.

Maija from Finland
· website · How it changes constantly - after a moment it's completely different than before.

Maisa from Chile
· website · the colours of the sky.

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