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Vivi from Chile
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Wendy from Netherlands
· website · Because it is a part of me. My dreams are in them and I spend a great time of my life looking up - more people should take the time to look up and see the beauty that is the sky.

Whitney from United States
email · website · Because it's pretty and vast and unpredictable!

XBluegreynote from United States
email · website · The change. It`s the never the same view twice.

Yael from Spain
· website · I love the sky because it is simply wonderful.

Yami from United States
email · website · It`s full of *stuff*!

Yeina from Hungary
email · website ·

Yeseren from Turkey
· website · Stars...

Yinx from Singapore
email · website · I look out of the window now and then when I'm at the computer, and that's how I came to love the sky. Every time I looked it would have changed and I wish I could capture every different scene with a camera.

Yomi from Peru
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Yuka from United States
email · website · I love to watch the sky from the highest moutains. I love the sky because it is so beautiful, it makes me feel soft inside.

Yukinko from Japan
email · website · I don`t know, but it gives me some power when I see the sky.

Yukiya from United States
email · website · Because of the beautiful color,

Yuleen75 from Dominican Republic
email · website · From the ranch of my parents. You can see even the city from there, and the sky looks so beautiful when the sun is setting. And why I like the sky so much? The sky is a big part from our earth, is beautiful, but at the same time it can be scary...

Yume from United States
email · website · Everything. :)

Yumi-chan from Australia
· website · The sky is so peaceful to look at, it makes you take your mind off everything and just wonder off into space...

Yuraccy from Venezuela
email · website ·

Yvonne from United States
· website · It's beautiful to look at.

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