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Ashley from United States
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Astra from United States
email · website · I love to watch to sky on a bright day, just as I`m walking.

Atani from Mexico
email · website · I love to see the sky in gardens, windows, roofs, etc.. when it's raining it's the most beautiful thing in world. Sky is inspiration.

Athena from United States
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Audri from United States
email · website · It`s always changin`.

Ava from England
email · website · I love the sky because it never ceases to fascinate me.

Barbara from United States
· website · I love taking pictures of the clouds and weather it brings.

Becka from United States
· website · Just looking up at the sky gives me a sense of freedom, and at night, a feeling of being infinitely small.

Betelgeutze from Finland
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Bhamba Ignacio from Philippines
email · website · Because it is beautiful :)

Bianca from Brazil
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Birgit from Norway
email · website · Looking at the sky is perfect for mind wanderings - when I can`t see the sea, that is! ;)

Biscojae from Singapore
· website · simply because it is beautiful. The thoughts that someone out there might be watching the sky as I do ...

Bonduelle from Poland
· website · It changes all the time.. and just one gaze at the sky makes me feel so small and insignificant ^.^

Bonster from United States
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Brandika from Philippines
· website · It never fails to take your mind elsewhere and helps you realize the simplicity and beauty of life. :)

Britt from Netherlands
email · website · Because it`s always different and looking at it never bores me.

Bruna from Brazil
· website · `Cause it`s the most beautiful thing I`ve ever seen

Bruna from Brazil
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Brynn from United States
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Buffy from Poland
email · website · I love to watch the sky from a mountain and a forest.

Bura from Netherlands
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Caitlin from United States
email · website · I love it`s vastness and purity. How the clouds drift making patches and rifts in a seamlessly blue ocean of wind.

Camilla from Denmark
· website · Everything! It's one of the most beautiful things in nature :) Besides, blue is my favourite colour :P

Camy from United States
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