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Giulia from Italy
email · website · The infinity. The color. The sensation of freedom. And more things.

Grace from Philippines
email · website · Because it is so beautiful.

Grace from Colombia
· website · Because it`s beautiful and infinite.

Hannah from Philippines
email · website · I love the sky because of it`s shape shifting and its colors. Clouds are wonderful things.

Hannah from England
email · website ·

Hannah from Australia
email · website · I love the blue and the colours at sunset, and the clouds :)

Hannah from United States
email · website · I love the beauty of a bright blue sky with big fluffy white clouds, and the dark night sky with bright stars and planets.

Haphazy from Finland
email · website · I climb to the highest place possible. As long we can`t fly, we can`t fully understand it.

Haru from United States
email · website · I love to watch the sky whilst in a big open space where no will come and bother me. It is always changing and in that way it is like a human and whenever you look at it you can only smile.

Hazel from England
email · website · I love the sky because it takes me away and leaves me in awe. It is beautiful and amazing and I love to watch it, night and day.

Heather from United States
· website · Clouds

Heize from Canada
· website · I like to look at the sky anywhere... from my window, at the park, while walking around at school... it`s so pretty, and it makes me feel kind of... happy and free. (As corny as that may sound.)

Hikari from United States
· website ·

Hoelli from Poland
email · website · When it's night or sunrise, or in the forest between trees :)

Holly from England
email · website ·

Hollyshort123 from United States
· website · It's endless.

Honey from Argentina
email · website · Because it`s inspiring and beautiful to look at.

Hotaru from United States
email · website ·

Ilona from Finland
email · website ·

Inggrid from Canada
· website · The sky is a constant source of intrigue, wonder and beauty for me. Spotting just one tiny patch of gorgeous sky makes me that much more appreciative of the Earth we trot on.

Ingrid from Estonia
· website ·

Irah from Malaysia
· website · The clouds! It look so .....(don't know what to say)

Iris from Canada
email · website · I watch the sky from tall buildings. It`s beautiful.

Iris from Austria
email · website ·

Isa from Trinidad/Tobago
email · website · I love the openness of the sky and the way it spans across unending, I feel as if anything is possible and at the same time I feel free.

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