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Jessica Autumn from United States
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Jesslynn from Malaysia
email · website · From my room, it`s just so lovely! ^ ^

Jessy from United States
· website · Because it is beautiful, expansive, and ever-changing. It is able to capture my emotions and reflect them back to me. It reminds me that God exists.

Jhyaide from United States
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Jiayi from Singapore
email · website · The clouds and the blue (:

Jillian from Brazil
email · website · It makes me feel calm.

Jo from Malaysia
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Joana from Portugal
email · website · I like to see it from anywhere, but beaches or moutains are my favs. I love everything about the sky...the color, the clouds, stars at night...

Joann from Australia
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Joelle from United States
email · website · It`s hard to know what to say here. I just love the sky. It`s so beautiful, and it never fails to completely entrance me.

Johanna from Finland
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Jolene from United States
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Jolene from United States
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Jordan from Hungary
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Jovana from Serbia
· website · Everything about the sky - the colours, the clouds, the stars, the moon - inspires me in so many indescribable way; makes me feel completely and utterly free.

Judith from Germany
email · website · I love to watch the sky lying on the back in my garden...

Jules from Germany
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Julianne from United States
email · website · Whenever I`m out on the swings and I love how the sky changes colors during sunrise/sunset.

Julie from Canada
email · website · "Stars" says it all.

Justine from Poland
email · website · Sky is the most beautiful creation of nature. It`s never the same, all the different colors, clouds. Amazing. I could stare at the sky for hours.

Kacy from United States
email · website · I love watching the sky during the Spring and Summer the most because to me that`s when it`s most beautiful. The sky for me is a source of peace and often you can catch me gazing for hours. Anywhere there`s a clear view of the sky I`ll be there watching!

Kaileeru from Argentina
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Kaiten from Canada
email · website · I love to watch the sky through tree branches, I love the sky because it`s so open and blue.

Kaithleen from Czech Republic
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Kannuki Neru from Poland
email · website · The sky is beautiful everywhere and it makes me feel free..

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