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Kanza from Pakistan
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Kara from Australia
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Karistal from Philippines
email · website · I love gazing at the sky while I`m at the beach. I love the sky because it creates in me a sense of infinite peace. ^_^

Karlita from United States
· website · Because it`s OH SO TOTALLY AWESOME!

Karmen from Singapore
email · website · I have lived in a city area where it`s hard to see a clear blue sky, but upon visiting Japan and staying over at my aunt`s house, looking up at the sky has been an exhilarating experience for me. Since then, I have a great love for the beautiful sky.

Kat from Macau
email · website · Early morning on a nice sunny day, while driving - the sky is very blue with white clouds. with the sunshine streaming through it`s like a good omen every single day :)

Kate from Germany
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Kate from England
email · website · Because when I sit somewhere quiet and look up at the sky, I kinda feel like things seem much better and are put into perspective. - It helps me to think and clear my mind. :)

Kate from United States
· website · It's the most beautiful natural thing that eyes can see.

Katha from Germany
· website · A Sky is so wonderful in the evening.

Kathleen from United States
email · website · The color.

Kathy from Philippines
email · website · Because it`s so beautiful.

Katie from Germany
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Katja from Germany
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Katri from Finland
email · website · The sky is always beautiful.

Kawenny from Canada
· website · The colour of the sky is serene.

Kaycee from United States
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Kaysha from Australia
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Kazuhiko from Poland
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Kelly from England
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Kels from Canada
email · website · I love to look at the sky while lying in an open field, and just stare at the simple beauty. I love it because it is so beautiful, and because it inspires me to dream.

Kely from United States
email · website · From my back porch and because without the sky; nothing would grow and survive. It is a part of nature.

Kibou from New Zealand
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Kim from United States
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Kine from Italy
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