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Carla from United States
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Carlinha from Brazil
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Caro from Germany
email · website · It`s so romantic watching it, especially when I`m with my friend... awwww. ^^

Carol from England
email · website · I like to look at the sky mostly when I`m out in the countryside but anywhere really. As for why ... I`m sure you`ll agree my site title is self-explanatory. ;)

Carolxenhaa from Brazil
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Carolyn from Hong Kong
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Cassie from United States
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Cassy from Italy
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Catherine from Canada
· website · I love the colours when the sun is setting.

Catherine from Canada
· website · it's one of the most beauitful 'images' one see' in their life time.

Catherine from United States
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Catiebug from United States
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Cecilia from Canada
email · website · I love the infinite vastness of the sky, its ever-changing appearance, and its ever-lasting inspiring beauty..

Celine from France
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Cerasi from United States
email · website · I love watching the sky over Kincad Park in Anchorage, Alaska as the sun sets over the ocean it seems as if you`re the only one on the earth to witness it. =)

Charity from United States
email · website · I enjoy watching the sky from anywhere. However, if I did have to pick a certain place I'd say the beach. The ocean and a beautiful blue, sunny, sky is very peaceful!

Cherlxy from Singapore
· website · It`s pretty.

Chevy from Canada
email · website · From anywhere really, and I love the sky because It's the same everywhere and it's the only thing that connects the world.

Chrizta from Canada
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Cioppys from Italy
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Connie from United States
email · website · I love watching the sky in a clearing at the park. The sky's so vast and endless. It's something that will always be there whether I'm happy, sad. A constant in my life.

Corianne from Netherlands
email · website · I love to watch colorful and cloudy evening skies. The sky is never boring. =)

Cory from Italy
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Courtnee from Indonesia
· website · It's pretty and reminds me of good things!

Courtney from United States
· website · All the pretty colors! & clouds! ;3

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